Get Paid to Write

There are many, very many reasons to write nowadays in addition to all the other myriad reasons one may already have.

With the White House led by a buffoon, both Houses in Washington hijacked by self-serving morons, there is no lack of materials to use

Besides, there is a writer in everyone (of us); but to avoid procrastination and to encourage action so you can start now or keep writing, we came up with a few incentives; in addition to the rewarding feeling of expressing your opinions, your feelings or your emotions and let the world read about it, we offer another reason to continue doing so, earning some money:

1.- Get paid for your jokes

2.- Get paid for your articles

So, let’s get to it. But we need to get this annoying Register out of the way first. It should take less than 30 seconds, I promise; okay, 31.

btw, if your friend likes to tell jokes or loves to write, invite him/her in; share this page to help your friend earn some cash too. You also earn 100 points for every friend who joins.