Get Paid for your Articles

Why not get paid for something you already enjoy doing?

If you write for the love of writing, here is another reason to love to write even more. Now, you can earn some cash doing it. That’s enough incentive to get everyone writing, right? Let’s get started. Here is how.

Post at least one (1) document per week into The People Branch blog. It doesn’t matter whether the document is already posted elsewhere (or will be), you can post it here as well as long as the content is yours.

What’s in it for you?: at the end of each week, the best article for the week is selected, announced and published here and on social medias (with your name & picture if you agree to it) and the writer will receive $35 to his/her account (bank, paypal, etc.) or a gift card (Starbucks, Red Lobster, Macy’s or Visa) whichever s/he chooses.

There is more: if you submit at least one document each week for 90 consecutive days, you are also automatically eligible to become the “Writer of the Semester” adding another $500 to your account; the second “Writer” gets $50 deposited to his/her account (bank, paypal, etc.)

The Conditions: if your document is published, you are automatically eligible to become the writer of the week; if you wish to be considered for the following week and any subsequent week, you must submit at least one article for the week.

Note: you are free to publish as many articles as you are able to but keep in mind that the prize does not factor quantity. Be also aware that nothing prevents anyone from being the “Writer of the Week” every week.

The Rules: the rules are simple a) political documents are preferred but writing on any topic is given the same consideration b) documents must not contain obscenity c) any document previously submitted and published HERE cannot be re-submitted in the future but feel free to submit any of YOUR articles which are published elsewhere.

Note: the document you submit here MUST be yours, i.e. you, not someone else, came up with and wrote every word in the document. Quotes are acceptable of course.

First let’s take care of a few administrative stuff; if this your first time, you must register to participate. Do it now. Next month is right around the corner. If you’ve been here before, jump right in.

btw, if your friend likes to write, invite him/her in; share this page to help your friend earn some money too and fine tune his/her writing skills in the process. You also earn 100 points for every friend who joins.