About the Challenge


Hi, my name is Mike Ducheine, founder of The Writing (this site), a domain dedicated exclusively to promote writing. I also authored two books “The OBAMA Legacy“, a book which dispels all myths about Obama in order to paint a true picture of the 44th president and “Defiant for America“, a book which takes the reader through the journey of Trump’s ascension to the presidency and provides a guide for his presidency to be successful.

The pen, it is believed, is the most powerful weapon and the most effective one. Through writing, one can change a community, a state and even a country and perhaps the whole world. I would love to see everyone writing; to encourage the habit, we’ve devised incentives to get everyone to write; we are also open to suggestion.

Words have everlasting impact. The French adage “Les paroles s’envolent mais les ecrits restent” (gone are spoken words but writing will endure) has proven true for centuries. Words have taken mankind from Stone Age  (some 4 million years ago) to modern era; let’s not stop now. Join me in the writing lane to help mankind get to the next frontier.

Welcome to the Writing Challenge!