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I published two distinct books, The OBAMA Legacy which discusses Obama’s presidency and Defiant for America which discusses Trump’s ascension to the presidency. I provided below a synopsis of each book and a link to buy either or both should you decide to learn more about the discussions in both books. Excitingly, The OBAMA Legacy will also be available in audiobook mid-March of this year; take a listen of a 3-minute excerpt from the book

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This book encompasses account of the road Donald Trump travelled to become the 45th president and discusses the journey he must travel in his presidency to Make America Great Again. 

Trump’s unorthodox approach to governing as president seems defiant to most but appropriate to his supporters in order to restore America’s greatness.
Mocked for his campaign style, ridiculed for his lack of politics experience, derided for his lack of understanding, despised for his
nonchalance, Donald Trump outwitted everyone, kept politicians and analysts guessing, created diversions to secure the presidency of the United States.

The book not only travels with Mr. Trump through the journey to become the 45th president but it also serves as a guide to understand why he does what he does and to be able to join and follow him in his journey to restore America’s greatness. The book details why Trump’s Defiance could be very well be America’s Gain.

Donald Trump’s ascension to the
presidency has defied every norm and redefined political analysis, making the man the most controversial president in the history of the country. And yet, Donald Trump typifies the character of most
common men

Barack Obama was one of the most popular candidates who bid for the presidency in modern time when he ran in 2008.
As president however, Obama popularity plummeted almost immediately; he suffered the fiercest opposition from the Republican Party than any
president since the creation of the nation.
Amidst a flurry of criticism, it’s easy to miss what Obama has done as president and where he had failed.
“The OBAMA Legacy” is an attempt to sketch an accurate picture of Obama’s presidency.
The book dispels all myths about Obama. It discusses his presidency in a very unorthodox fashion, by relying exclusively on “verifiable facts” The book completely ignores gossips, political arguments and partisanship in order to sketch a true picture of the 44th president.
The OBAMA Legacy is not however a tabulation of praises for the Obama administration; it is a hard look at how he has led the country during
his presidency. The book provides a synopsis of Obama presidency through the lenses of
Read why the former president will be listed among the great presidents of our nation.
Avoid gossips, flee rumors and fake news and learn firsthand from someone who had followed Obama before he even contemplated a run for the
Own a piece of history; own The OBAMA Legacy. Obama was a great president – History will report it as such.


Hi! My name is Mike Ducheine; I was born Michel J Ducheine of French ancestry, immigrated into the United States to study medicine. Instead, fascinated by technology, I pursued a degree in Computer Sciences in which field I graduated and began a career in technology.
After a few years working for several organizations in various roles, – from computer engineer to Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Vice President of Strategy – I returned to school to obtain a degree in Business Management in 2003 at the University of California. I graduated cum laude with a 3.9/4.0 GPA. I also pursued an MBA at the same school and graduated in 2005 with a 3.5 GPA. As a professional and lifetime student, I participated in 2005 in a contest at Cornell University where I obtained a certificate award for excellent achievement.
My love for reading and writing led me to put a successful business career on hold to go back to school, again, to study journalism and communication, the field into which I obtained yet another degree.
I began looking into Obama’s presidency as a research for an article which would outline his accomplishments, both successes and failures.
Two months into the research, I had compiled materials which turned a news worthy article task into a book project. I had followed Obama’s political career after the 2004 speech he delivered at the Democratic National Convention in support for John Kerry, then Democratic nominee. In 2006, before Obama even announced he was considering a run for the presidency, I predicted that the political climate at the time would favor him as the next president of the United States. And again, in 2012 when everyone doubted that the economic situation of the country was unfavorable for a second term of the president, I made the case for a win for Obama.

In “The OBAMA Legacy”, I discuss in great details the difficulty of Obama’s presidency and his approach to outwit his opponents in most everything he did. From the nuclear deal agreement with Iran to the lifting of the embargo on Cuba, Obama operated in the strictest secrecy, the most effective weapon of his presidency.

The “Obama Legacy” has already begun to create fury, anger and frustration in both the Republican and the Democrat camps. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the following:  I made a very strong case why former president Barack Obama will be listed among the great presidents of our nation.

Shortly thereafter, I released my second book “Defiant for America”, a book which takes the reader through the journey that led to Trump’s presidency; this book also provides the reader a glimpse at what I believe President Trump should or shouldn’t do if he wants to make a positive impact in the world.

Since a very young age, I’ve always had a passion for reading and writing. By the time I turned 20 years of age, I must have already read more than 200 books of all genres and read countless newspapers. No kidding!
At the age of 18, I wrote a 100-page essay (in French) about the difficult assimilation of artificial organs into the human body. Recall the primary reason I immigrated here in the United States was to study medicine. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge; my passion for writing nudged me later to pursue a degree in journalism.

I currently serve as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of InterNotes Mobile Corp; in my spare time, I write opinions on The People Branch blog http://peoplebranch.org, a company I founded.

I  write almost exclusively to address government wrongdoing and society entrenched bias; I am a fierce enemy of social injustice.

I am also a guest writer for the Global News Network; I consider myself to be more objective than most (everyone disagrees; so feel free to add your name to the list) since I have no allegiance to any political Party. I am a Blogger with Purpose and I stand firmly against social injustice.

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