Welcome to Writing

Challenging You

To Write the Future!

We love to write. We wish everyone would too. So, we give you another reason to write; how about earning some cash while doing what you already love doing (or soon will)? But we don’t want to pressure you to do so.

We came up with the most fun way to get you started, to tell jokes. Yes, jokes. Tell Jokes and get paid doing it. But if you already feel comfortable writing about more serious topics, your options are unlimited.

First let’s take care of a few administrative stuffs; if this your first time, you must register to participate. Do it now. Next month is right around the corner. If you’ve been here before, jump right in.

btw, if your friend likes to write, invite him/her in; share this page to help your friend earn some money too and fine tune his/her writing skills in the process. You also earn 100 points for every friend who joins.

Once again, let the fun of writing begin!